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Our Story

At 35 years of age, and in what most people would consider ‘reasonable shape’ an annual doctors check should be an uneventful affair, one would hope. But after receiving a letter from your doctor saying 'everything looks good, except this', with the attached cholesterol report, largely consumed with highlighted numbers, panic sets in.

After researching the topic, one culprit kept appearing, SUGAR.

Going from having a total cholesterol level well in excess of the recommend, to reducing that level to considerably under what the professionals consider healthy in the space of two months, although relieving, raised concern that this could be largely due to one substance was very alarming.

Minus 5 was born

The deeper we looked the more concerning it became. Sugar is everywhere and in significant quantities. Its killing us, making our children sick, rotting their teeth, causing obesity, Cancer, diabetes, heart disease, metabolic syndrome, high cholesterol…the list goes on. And most disturbing of all, is that it’s completely unnecessary.

We don’t expect everyone to cut it out completely, and you don’t have to. What we do want, is for everyone, and their children to be aware of just how dangerous elevated levels of sugar in your diet are, and demand through selecting Minus 5 products, that manufactures also acknowledge this, encouraging them to either remove it or re-formulate their products to contain a responsible level of sugar.

The World Health Organisation has recently released a report recommending ‘a reduction of the intake of free sugars to below 5%’ – Timely, don’t you think?

Look out for products with the Minus 5 logo, put them in your trolley, and live a longer, healthier life - We promise!