What does it mean


What does it mean

Exactly what it says. Every product with the Minus 5 logo has 5 grams or less of sugar per 100 grams, or 5 grams or less per 100 ml for drinks.

It couldn’t be simpler.

Every product with the Minus 5 logo has had its sugar content independent certified, ensuring products comply with the simple but strict criteria.

We take the total sugar content of any product into consideration natural or added, as it's all the same stuff

The Minus 5 label does not include any products containing natural or artificial sweeteners. Here at Minus 5 we feel the science around sweeteners is still inconclusive, with many of them proving to have similar effects on the body as sugar, so at this stage, they are out.

Alcohol is out. Although we enjoy a glass of wine with our low sugar dinner, it, like sugar, can potentially be harmful, and for that reason you won’t see a Minus 5 logo on any alcoholic product.

Remember we are all about reducing the sugar, we expect you will use common sense when it comes to selecting products based on their overall nutritional value.

The Minus 5 logo makes selecting products with less sugar easy! Do everything you can for yourself and your family to avoid the onset of countless sugar related diseases and health issues.