The Findings


The Findings

The average daily sugar  intake for 14-18 year olds is now 32 teaspoons!

We don't think anyone would disagree that consuming this amount of sugar daily isn't of concern, and the problem is the majority of that sugar is hidden in foods promoted as healthy or natural.

Fruit juice, muesli, yoghurt, jam, can account for a significant portion of your daily sugar intake before you even start the day, with a glass of apple juice containing similar levels of sugar to a can of cola.

Not helping the cause is that 70-80% of all products on our supermarket shelves now contain various levels of sugar, the stuff is everywhere and it's killing us, diabetes, obesity, heart disease, high cholesterol, metabolic syndrome, behavioural disorders, tooth decay and cancer are but a few of the diseases associated with a high sugar diet. 

With sugar consumption tripling in the last 50 years and 39% of the worlds population now overweight, it's no coincidence. The science behind the issue is sound and well documented, we've compiled a few articles that may be of interest on the next page, have a read or watch some of the videos on our sugar awareness channel and educate yourself on just how serious the issue is....