School Lunch Programme


School Lunch Programme

Here at Minus 5 we think every child has the ability to absorb so much more information from simply being well nourished & healthy. Too many children are arriving at school after consuming breakfasts high in sugar, then a lunch that isn’t much better. We want to change that.

By educating every child on the risks of consuming too much sugar, schools have the ability to shape the wellbeing of a nation, reducing obesity, disease & behavioural issues not to mention the extraordinary drain on the public health system & parental discipline these conditions impose.

What we propose - The first Monday of every month is promoted as ‘Minus 5 Monday’. Encouraging all children to bring to school a lunch consisting of either Minus 5 products or products/ingredients that contain little or no sugar.

How it works – We are very aware that school resources are always stretched, & as well as educating the children on the dangers of sugar, we want to ensure the school also receives benefit for its participation.

Here’s what Minus 5 will provide each school that participates:

  • Assistance towards sporting, outdoor or health education equipment from one of our many partners.
  • A monthly email template supplied to every participating school outlining upcoming Minus 5 Mondays which will include lunchbox suggestions & list of products meeting the Minus 5 Criteria. This is simply forwarded to the participating school’s parent database by the school or individual class teachers.
  • The option of having samples from participating food manufactures delivered to schools for children to include in their lunches at no cost.
  • Spot prizes awarded to students for lunches containing the least amount of sugar.


To register your schools interest or to receive more information please email